BETA Begining

Regular Sentinel on left, Mafia Sentiel on right

Brightened up picture of the BETA Sentinel. As you can see... it had the same type of back window as a current mafia sentinel has, but no spoiler (This is from the game behining, one of the burning cars) (its not burning in this picture, is it now? :D :D ) Dun dun DUNNNN

Current Enforcer

Beta enforcer from begining of game:

as you can see... "police" was written in blue, And the car itself was fully silver/metalic color.

But look at this! This is the screen from the opening movie, BEFORE the bridge blew up, and the enforcert apperes to be current, but when the bridge explodes the BETA cars show up instead! I guess the guys messed up a bit at rockstar :D :p

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