Black Mr.Whoopee

Black Cartel Cruiser

Black Patriot

Ok no game shark involved

Put in the slow down game play cheat in 2 times, stand in front of a car, begin typing in theblow up all cars heat, as you get to triangle, the dude will run to the car you are in front of to pull the driver out. keep on going with the code, but stop at "L2" as the guy is in the middle of the process of pulling pout the driver, press L1 which finishes the code. no wait untill the guytakes a seat in the blown up car. As you now will notice, the car has cought on fire and is soon to be explding, quickl put in the 100 health cheat which will repair the car and give you 100 health. now you are driving a blown up car. put in the speed up gameplay cheat in twice (to go back to normal speed) and drive the heap of junk to a Pay-n-Spray. When the car is sprayed it'll come out nice, new, and black with a minimal tint of the original color.

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