Dodo Flight Guide

~~Dodo Flight Guide~~
By: ncjarvis (and Noops)

Many people have asked about how to fly the dodo. GTA3 gives the dodo a respectable flight model that requires some getting used to, but to more of a degree then something like the boat.


When you get in the dodo, take it to the far end of the longest runway at the airport. Bring your plane about so that it is lined up with the runway facing Staunton Island. To make things easy on yourself, make sure that your plane is perfectly aligned with the runway so that you do not have to make any course corrections during takeoff.
Once you get in position, go full throttle and start gaining speed. While taking off, keep your nose pointed down. do this by slightly pushing the L3 stick away from you. Try not to scrape the nose on the runway, but you should see your front suspension pressing down. As you gain speed, your aircraft will start to bounce. Dont' take off until your dodo does about 3 or more jumps (just to make sure you got enough speed). Finally, your plane will have enough speed that it springs off of the runway when you let the L3 stick go back into normal, standard position.


**After takeoff, do NOT release your L3 stick or pull up.**

Try to make your initial climb as steady as possible. Once again, DO NOT PULL UP. Your airplane will naturally climb very fast due to all the speed that you have, but you need to keep your ascent steady so you'll have to keep your nose down a little. When you notice that your plane can't climb anymore, try to keep your airspeed up and your plane steady. But ocasionaly, to gain speed, jerk the L3 stick foward very quickly and bring it back ito position just as fast, this will lower your dodo's altitude, but the speed you gain will bring you back up,


By the time you have your aircraft steady, you will notice that you're getting close to Staunton Island. The most important thing to remember while piloting the dodo is to make small, smooth control inputs. never turn the stick severely or you will lose control of the airplane and crash. To make a turn, jerk the L3 stick to the direction you want to go. Do this quickly and repedetly in the direction you want to turn. For example when trning left: To make a slight turn, allow the plain to go from __ to / and leave it that way until the plain is on the desired course. Wen your flying the directio you want, again jerk the L3 stick the opposite direction of the turn.) Now, if you realize your about to smash into a building any second, and need to make a sharp turn, jerk the L3 stick o the left untill it goes from __ to / to |. This will make a very raid turn. When you have rolled your airplane enough to make your turn, stop jerking the stick sideways and your airplane should remain in the turn. Make small corrections to make sure that you keep your aircraft level at all times during the turn. When you are finished turning, push the stick in the direction opposite to your turn, remembering to make very small control inputs until your airplane is level again.


Landing is probably the easiest part of the whole thing, contrary to the real world. To land, fly over the area in which you intend to make your landing.

To make a quick and dirty landing, fly unitl you are directly over your landing area (you can use the map) and pull up sharply. At the same time, release the throttle. Keep pulling up and wait for your aircraft to stall and drop.

For a smoother and more rewarding touchdown approach your landing area while lined up with where you want to land. When you are about to fly over it (you can no longer see it in the bottom of your screen) release your throttle and pull up very slowly. To make a relatively smooth landing, try to keep the aircraft's nose barely pointed up while you're losing altitude. You will see that you're descending, and you can make minor corrections to your elevators to keep a smooth glide path. When you touch down, use the handbrake for a speedy stop. If you need to abort at any time during the landing (except for right before touchdown) go full throttle and push the nose down until it comes up itself, then act like you've just taken off.


Always be careful while flying as there are many more potential hazards in the air then on the ground.

Wind: During a storm, wind will blow and your airplane will be very hard to control (Edit by Noops: Not really ;) :p )

Fog: Flying in fog is near impossible. Everything beyond about fifty feet is gray. You cannot find your orientation and buildings and terrain are hard to spot.

Insane jumps: Yes, insane jumps are a threat to pilots. If you fly over one, you will be seeing your airplane from the slow motion fixed camera that shows your car going over the jump. It is impossible to fly from this view, and your only hope is to cut the throttle and pull up to make a quick and dirty landing. Just hope that you land on something solid.

Stalls: If you find your aircraft stalling (your nose is up but you're losing speed and altitude) remain at full throttle and push your nose down. After a few seconds you'll see your aircraft begin to climb and shoot skyward. As you ascend, try to force the nose down again just like you did when you took off.

Remember, any landing you can crawl away from is a good landing.

Piloting the dodo is a difficult but rewarding experience. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the dodo can be flown indefinitely, assuming you can handle fog. If you're bored and want something to do, fly a few laps of the islands. It's also fun to try a fly-by shooting. Adaptations may be made to these instructions as people's piloting styles can be different.

===(Most credit goes to ncjarvis for making the Dodo Flight Guide at the IGN boards, which was for some reason deleted. Some credit goes to me for adding/changing some stuff :p :D )===

-noops- :)


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