Dodo Height Guide

Drive down the runway (push sticxk away fromyoua little to keep the dodo on thew ground as long as possible)

Right after take off, turn either left, or right (THIS GUIDE IS ONLY FOR TURNING RIGHT)

now turn on your side, and fly like this, every few seconds pushing the stick in the northwest position and bringing it back (this makes the dodo so it flys on its side, but straight, and then bringing it back makes the dodo want to turn even faster)

as you can see, i'm flying in a small circle, (very fast)

Now make it so the dodo is pointing more upwards as it flys on its side.

Look closely: still totaly on my side, yet going up (and still flying in a circle)

Now straighten it out (with a swift move of the analog stick to the left, and then a little to the right (you dont wanna over do it to the left and go into a barrol roll/spiral)

Now you are pretty high.

Now this might be a little trickty for you beginers since this takes a lot of fast movements and control: Force the dodo down, and make it go on its side. Keep jerking the stick away so that you are headed straight down, when you get to around 30 feet from the ground the dodo will forcefully want to turn right, let it do so, but keep iot under controll or the dodo will go into a flip and it'll freeze your game.

keep going with the turn, but make the dodo fly more stright than down

keep it going ;)

Now begin to straighten the dodo away from its side, so it flys straight (do this with a swift move of the analog stick to the left.

now let it go up by itself, yet keep it under control so it dosnt go straight up, which would make it stall and fall back down.

And up...

And up some more :)

And look at that, you'r5e now flying about twice the height of the airport dome! ;)

Of course, the dodo wont fly at that altitude straight on, it'll dive down, and then go up again (with your help, it can go even higher)


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