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My Sparrow with wheels. (go respray a sparrow or a sea sparrow in the Sunshine Auto's pay-n-spray to get wheels on the thing. (12/3/02)

umm... lol got stuck in the ground LOL 12/3/02

"Ghost World"

Get a caddie (golf cart) drive it to the malibu club. drive it inside the club, once inside, get out of the caddie, the interior will not be loaded. walk out of the club. the interior will now load, and the golf cart should still be in the malib club (if not get another oe and try again). get in the caddie, and drive out of the club (it will take a while because it may feel as if the door of the club isnt large enough for you to fit through...but trust me, just hold x and you'll drive out sooner or later.) Now you are in what is called "Ghost world" (instructions edited in on: 12/3/02)

Flooded streets (Glitch) 11/28/02

Got a car into my vercetti mansion and now i can ride it around inside. 11/27/02

was driving around when i found this odd little scene. 11/24/02

WIERD GLITCH! Apperently my garage in the Vercetti Estate no longer has a door. When i walk up to the garage, the cars that i have in it "magicly" pop up inside of it, if i walk away, they dissapere. if i have 2 cars in there, and drive in with a 3rd car, the cars dont show up, but when i park the 3rd car there, and get out, the two cars appere, and the 3rd car apperes either on top of one of the cars, or gets morphed into oe pof the cars, so they arre joined together like simese twins. I loaded my game over and over -- this glitch will never go away. (lol) 11/24/02

This taxi loaded inside the tree..lol 11/24/02

Inside the ship from the harbour..i was on my pcj600 and it got stuck and started to slowly shift through the ship, i got out, and was inside of it (no way out) 11/24/02

Killed the cop with my shot gun, but he just stood there with blood under him, looking left, then right, then left again. I could walk through him. 11/9/02

Standing inside the ground...i can run, but not jump. (happens from time to time when crashing on a bike.) 11/3/02

This wall, just like the one garage in GTA3, is not solid, meaning you can go through. (Northern portion of the 2nd island) 11/1/02

Inside the Malibu Club. Drove in on bike while Kent Pauls mission icon was in the doorway of the club. (driving on water) 11/1/02

Thought this was a kick a$$ pic! (Blowing guy off of a bike with the Clot Python!) :D 11/1/02

Drivable ~Pitch black~ infernus (even the wheels are black qB^)
URL to getting a black car like that: http://community-2.webtv.net/Andrew462/BlackPatriot

Will i get out of this one?? Psh, easy does it! ^_^

Odd VERY odd: (sorry bout the picture quaity, it was taken off of my tv) i was taking pics of something in the game and i sent the pic to a few people, when then, noticing the main charactors head in the pic. He has a yellow helm on his head! WTF?!?! (you wouldnt be able to see it while playing the game, it went by too fast for your eye to catch it, but i took the snap shot right at that exact moment it apered. This must be coded into one of the 30 frames per second. (glitch? maybe, secret? possibly) A lot of you claim i edited it, i did not. want the full picture? e-mail me.

Ambulence dude floating in air, he cant move, i cant punch him, andddd that's about it. (glitch)

While doing a fire fighter mission in portland, i was driving to a burning car to put it out, but a maphia dude shot me so my truck went on fire, so i got out, and ran back, down the street to get another fire truck after i put the car out with water and my fire truck was on fire, so i go back, and there arent any new fire trucks -- but i dont hear a exlosion, so i go back, and my fire truck, is engulged (sp?) in black smoke, and i can hear the fire crakling! (the truck isnt exploding)

After flying the dodo, my friend (Ed) flew under the city after spinning in air, and landed on top of the tunnel (stadium can be seen)

Ghost Town Pic 5: "Liberty City Bank" can be seen on the building in ghost town, disqualitaing the idea that the ghost town is "Carser City"

I was trying to land my Dodo in the back of the closed off tunnel,but my plane cought on fire, and fell down then exploded, and some how, my guy got out, and wasnt thrown off of the dodo when the explosion occured! (looking towards the ghost town (i'm too far so it didnt show up)

Drifting on my dodo under the city

The suns going down..Will anyone come tomy rescue??

Joey's garage cut scene area

This is a "Purple Nine" Gang member

umm..help?...anyone? (Floating on a esperatto(or whatever), (under the middle of the lift brige in Staunton/Shoreside Vale) As i thought i'd make it accross the part that was going up, i tried to stop, but my car fell into the water, so i thought "aww man" and then i saw my guy get out of the drivers side door, and get ontop of the roof LOL it looked like he climbed up too ^_^

After i tried to jack a ambulance, the driver pulled me out again, and i got in again, and i found myself sitting in the passenger seat, and the driver outside the door, sitting in mid air as if he were driving (glitch!) (oh, and the cop jumped down so i had to hurry up and take the snap shot lol

LMAO the cop, couldnt get in!! so i got out to see what happens, and the ambulance dude is still sitting like that, even when i'm out of the car! so then the cop ran around and punched me, so i ran back around got in from the passnger door and i moved into the driver's seat, and now i can drive around with the ambulance dude stuck like that LOL!!!

:D it's my buddy! I think i'll go save this car in my garage! Lol! Me and him can have some fun adventures! Maybe he'll accompany me in the ambulance missions i stil need to do? :D

Top of Staunton Island's Police Station (Helipad)

Eerie Taxi: After i got busted, i appered here at the police station in SV. I saw a cab, and ran around to the drivers door to jack it, but to my surprise, the door was already open, the lights werent on, and i couldnt get in from any side, i would just stand there (Glitch)

Driver of a Coach Bus never bothered to get out, he sat down next to me instead (glitch)

Ahh good times, good times:) (lol i JUST notice the cop being thrown by the explosin (behind my left shoulder)

See? Not ~ALL~ taxi cab drivers are Hindu - muslim, WHO GIVES A $|-|!t!?! Please people, no more e-mails about what religion the cabbie is.

Suspicious (sp?) looking cave-like hole accrss from the Dam. could this be where the secret meetings with Darkel could'v taken place? We shall never know.

Standing on one of the pipes on the upper level of the Dam.

Mysterius words can be seen on the radar when flying behind the ghost town , behind the game map. (Word in pic is "Les County"

More wierd words.. (there are 7 words in total) They seem to be words that are made after the game developrs like "Adamstown"

Two thugs in 1 car! And they're just sitting there (since i'm blocking the way) ...Even that grandma is amazed! lol! (Possible Glitch)

Flying over the stadium. Word "Cocks" can be seen in the stands.

Picture of a..."penis". Notebook carried by a ped wearing a black trench coat and light blue jeans (has a pony tail)

Cop car halfway iside a building.

After ramming the car with my fire truck, the car seemed to stick into the ground (glitch) (look at the back tire)

This guy is acctualy dead. I ran him over with my back tire of the taxi He didnt fall down, and is just standing there (glitch)

Ghost town pic 1

Entering the ghost town

Ghost Town pic 2

Court house looking building with flags on it

taking a taxi driver for a ride :D:D (see him in the passenger seat?;)

Ghost town pic 3

Plain goes out of control

Game melted

After taking the game out of the PS2 for the first time since 10/23, greesie substance can be seen on the back of the CD. I have never tuched it, or have anyone tuch it ever since it came out of the box.

Altitude of usual flight

Flying over Portland.

Cop car melts.

After a barelroll, and side ways flips, the cop car i was driving began melting into the sidewalk (glitch). Shortly after the event, it had exploded.

Flight to the Observatory. (Inside the mountain)

A you can see, it's pretty much imposible to land on it, also the tunnel from the back side can be seen, it goes no where.

On the Island

I landed on it with the dodo.
It is glitched out, i am running in place.

"Back To The Future Part 2" (GTA3 style)

Middle lane of cars suspended in air. (Glitch)

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