Waiting on the tracks, hopeing to de-rail the train

here comes the trian (this is in cinematic mode, BTW)

Train hits the cheetah, (my BP cheetah BTW :) de-rails a bit..this is where the wierd stuff begins

This is a frame, RIGHT after the above pic. Ths seems to be the outside of my portland hideout, no textures had time to load. Now, my cheetah is slowly (kinda) falling down, while spinning like crazy!

The cheetah is 1 inch above the ground, 1 tenth of a second to hitting the ground. Soe wierd gray square above t apperes, looks like some sort of portal.

This is a frame, right after the above one! I'm still in cinematic mode! Look at the word "district" see that long white thing, thats a light post, meaning i'm still on the ground!!

The camera begins to spin a bit, look, you can see a building in the top right corner, and a light post on the bottom rght coner. There is a stranded whte dot below my cheetah, which is the black dot.

Ok health cheat is in! i cant risk anything now! Look closely at the center of the pic, see the tiny black dot? that'd be my cheetah!

This is a frame after the last pic^, the cinematic mode changed angles! i'm still going up!

3 frames after the pic above! the cheetah is still goig up, but the camera is in 1 place, rotating so the cheetah is in the middle of the screen!

up up and..

Away! :)

The sky becomes gray for half a second!

Colors change from blue to gray to blue to gray, its odd.

Sky color changes to dark blue: I dont think we're in kansas anymore todo :O :S

This looks like the back to the future car lmao! Anyways, remember the 4 clouds i once posted about guys? well lookie here..

I switched camera angles to see what is going on. I'm uhh... glad my cheetah is ok...:D

Well, i'm begining to fall back down now, slowly that is, still spinning like CRAZY

Awww shucks, one of my lights is broken! i'm-a sue! Hey look! it's portland!

uh-oh, i dont think a broken head light will be my biggest problem.. (prepare for impact noopie!)

I'm spinning like crazy, about to spring off of that median! Thank god its not into water!! ..Health cheat is in, a bit too early, oops lol

ShaaaBAM! look at where i hit the median, you can see me springing off

awwwwww nooo not towards the water!!!!

This wall deserves a good semeritan award :D

better put in the health code again!! (its a dubble perfect insane stunt bonus, only cuz no distance or flips were involved!)

I uhhh GUESS this could repair my car..

Health cheat is in!!

And i thought my 334 height was good lol!!

It is now ok for you to $|-|!t your pants.

This entire event, from the time the train hit me till my stats of the jump dissapered, was exactly 31 seconds. I ~DO~ have this on tape, and in a week or so will have it online for you guys to see. Enjoy! :D :D

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