My Dodo Flys On Its Own

Morning shine, just got on top.

Setting up. (allining)

Must be perfect...

perfect! plane wobboling foward

Here we go!

Gaining speed, the goal is to gett to go on the road!


man! :O

Try to keep tracxk of the dodo, ok? :O

This is where it swooped up in the air.

ok this s a bit hard to see -- its touching the left corner of the building, see it?

now its above the roof of the building

now its above the building behind it!

A little crappy close up of the pic above.

look towards the middle of the pic, see the dodo, its where the stdium in SI is (look in that direction)

It's dooing a looptie-loop!!

zoomed in on the ast picture, check it out, you can tell its upside down by the tail fin pointing down!

ok, goig down now, but at a VERY HIGH SPEED (its getting ready for another loop!)

ok in the middle of the pic you will see a bright, hihite area, right under it is a thin white line (right above the water) that's the dodo...

right under the square with 2 dots on it is the dodo, about too go for yet another loop, but it dissapered as it was going in the staunton direcion, away from me.

Well, here i am, without the dodo, ontop of the building... this'd be a great place to leave my elderly buddy at... maybe another day....

well time to snipe...

Ambulance arives..

meh, destroyed helicopter and jumped off. Enough fun for the day.

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