Today my grandpa visited me, so i took him to the airport.

"Lets go for a ride gramps" i said, only to hear him reply "No no, i'm afraid of heights, my heart cant take it!"

"Listen grandpa, i didnt drive you all the way to Shoreside for nothing! This is bull sh!t, you're comming with me." i said. But the old man still argued.

So i beat the sh!t out of him, hopeing some sense wold come to his wrinly-a$$ head. And that, it did.

I straped the old man in his seat and we were off.

I gave him a tour of the city, man never saw a view like that.

After a while, we decided to come visit our old friend, Donald.

He wasnt there.

He left us a note though. "Gone to Vice, morgue fesival starting"

There wasnt much to do, so we hung around the penthouse. The old man was getting on my nerves.

"Where's this, Where's that" It's like he wouldnt shut up. I was about to kill him.

I brought him over to the ledge, telling him to look around. I guess he took 1 too many steps back after i kicked him.

I remember his last words like it was yesterday. "How could youuuuuu............{Splat} "

So the man began to fall to his death. Didnt matter to me, never did like the geezer.

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