On Top Of Kenji's Casino

Fly the dodo to kenjs, not the roof, but the level under it (more than enough space to land)

park the dodo so thatthe tail is right next to the nearest part of the roof.

Jump oto the dodo by jumping in the area between the Y-ME369 sign and the wheel. Then jump again in the direction of the wing to jump fully on top of the dodo.

Go over to the tail, and jump onto it.

Jump onto the black stuff and walk up it. now jump onto the cement ground (the grass isnt solid) if you by accident step onto the non solid stuff, you'll fall through, but no worries, simply walk aginas the walls untill you find the non solid wall. when you find it, you'll fall through another level. when you fall, get up and search for another wall that isnt solid, when you find it, walk through and tada! you are standing right next to the dodo, and you can jump onto the roof once again! :)


The pool is like solid ice. you can walk on it, but you can see through it too!

The tan non-checkered area isnt solid either so dot try walking on it. (this is ONLY for the north side; the south side is very much solid. (look at radar to see which is which)

remember, grass = unsafe. Not all of it, but most.

Now remember kids, "Snipe Safely!" :D ;)

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