Vice City Rotation/Height Stunt Guide

This is how you do a insane rotation (sometimes launches you miles into the sky)

Park a banshee on top of the stairs of the prking lot thingy you would normaly use to jump off of to get a unique bonus, and a sparrow. make sure the back wheels are off of the stairs so that they are kinda hanging off. and the banshe must face the bottom of the stairs

get onto a pcj 600 head down the alleay accoss the street from the parking lot/stairs now speed towards the stairs/banshee

keep speeding at the banshee! (right before you hit the banshee, you must attempt a wheelie)

you'll hit the banshee and do some wierd thing like this (you'll go flying into the air, spinning)

As i said... you'll go flying :P

you'll come crashing down...

And then the stat thing comes p and it shows you your rotation :p

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