Vigilantie Mission Level Record

Full screen (seconds before i fly into a tank backwards like a moron :p )

Vigilantie Level 688!! Record!! :D

$999,999,999!!!!! Maxed ot my money and i didnt need a cheat! (i dont cheat BTW) because i wasnt getting any money added to my counter, my rank started going up slow. (gotta get rid of most of this $ so i can raise my rank again in these missions)

Oh and 8,182 kills.

23.5 million dollars each time i completed a level... some crazy $|-|!t! :O

and finaly my rank at the end of my flight in the hunter.

Capo 237,081 (and i started this with Assassin 34,000+)!!!!

Trying to beat the record?

Find yourself a good spot (When you reach level 12, the place where the enemy spawns, is where they will ALWAYS appere in lv. 12 and up.)

What many GTA:VCer's have found, is that the game tends to freeze up when doing these missions. So pretty much, it is luck that will make you the winner in the end, not your skill. Well, good luck, and have fun.

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