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Andrzej (or Andrew in English) Kocan: 'The Dodo Mastah'

I began the flight on December 14th, and landed on Decembr 25th

176,488 seconds is 49 hours -- over 53 hours inclouding the loading screen

NOTE: NO cheats were used to reach this record, Also, these pictures have NOT been edited in any way. A lot of you say i used gameshark to get this record, you people, are idiots. :| Got to sign up, and head over to the GTA board, we'll knock some sense into you :p.

Forceing the plane down for a landing~

Landed ]:)

Yea, thats right.

178,488 seconds (12/25/01)

Finaly, some better quality shots.

angle shot.

far away view.

Top down view

This is the rout i took. Over the sea mostly (to avoid the Unic Jump's) (This rout goes for the new record as well)

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