This is a step by step "guide" to getting a "Perfect Triple Insane Stunt Bonus" trick (worth $3,300+)

Before attempting get yourself a Infernus (works the best)

Take the Infernus to the part of the brdge (almost right before the portland load screen)

Begin speeding onword

turn onto the side walk

Turn on the red thing and try to aline your Infernus with the little white Curb the trees ahead are sorounded by

hit the white curb thing full speed

Do two of these (2 flips -- or as i call them, cartwheels)

You needa land on all 4 wheels (i landed on my back 2, but quickly the front came down)

Now when you land (BTW, you must be hoding X the entire time the stunt is occuring) Ok, Now, Whjen you land hold R1 AND X together and turn sharply, and keep driving around in a circle untill the Confirmation message occures.

Good job, you are pretty much done with the jump but stick around to get your Stats report on the stunt

And now your done. You can repeate the stunt for some easy cash :) Enjoy

This was yet ANOTHER helpful hint from Noops-n-Gleh

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