This is the Easy way to get from Staunton island to Shoreside Vale without even haveing the brige fixed! (there is a boat at one of the runways at the airport (2 boats acctualy), you can use one to get back to staunton. Enjoy!)

Drive down the...whatever it is

Position your car so it can reach a good ammount of speed

Begin to speed towards the corner of the concrete thing your driving on

Drive off the ledge (make a sudden turn left when you reach the corner so you go a bit more into the Shoreside Vale territory

Your drowning, but look! you're in the SV territory!

Uh-oh your dead! "now what" you ask?

What's this? a load screen? :D

Welll welll welll lookie where we are :)

This was yet another helpful hint from me, Noops-n-Gleh

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