So i do the taxi trick (get into taxi, then hold R3 then get out while holding it, go into another car, then while in the other car, relese R3 and you will be able to do taxi missions in the car you get into.)

and i did it to the Cop car, and to my surrrise, 3 people with arrows appered, but non wanted to get in! so i kept driving...

As i kept driving, more and more green dots appere on the radar! each dot, a person with a arrow, but only a selected fiew wanted to get in, and when they get in...

Two pink dots appere on the radar! 1 is false, one is real (and thers still people around with their arrows (even when they die the arrows stay :|!)

Check it out, as i let a person into my car, the arrow over their head never dissapered!!

And so evetualy i went and killed myself, but remember those "False" red dots? they are still there.. and the more missions i do with the cop car, the more reddots appere! i wonder what happens if i save...

I saved my game, then loaded that save, the dots are STILL there :| ... :^O

Dudes you GOT to try this for your selves! :D (but only save AFTER you beat every mission, cuz looking for the right red dot could be a bitch in a timed mission ;)

So i tried this taxi thing again right?

well this time a green dot appered wayyy farter away then there i was, and o, i drive over there and to my surprise this is what i find. 2 patriots, 1 fliped (but NOT blowing up)) and another 1 standing, each one holding a seperate criminal inside! LOL this is wird man!

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